18 July, 2008

Cupcake Update

As promised, here is a quick peek of our cupcake fun we had today.

The girls had fun taking turns with the hand mixer. Since I'm a box cake mix kind of girl, making the cake was easy as 1, 2 & 3. I didn't have 3 eggs, only 2 but I'm here to report, the cake still tasted great with only 2 eggs. In fact, it wasn't crumbly. I think I may like it better that way.

I made 24 full size and 12 mini cupcakes. The girls each had one large cupcake to decorate and 6 mini cup cakes. Between licking the icing from the knife and back into the bowl... I made sure to separate their cupcakes, so as not to pass cooties to one another, or better yet, us.

We're going to get-together tonight with some fellow folks from church and the girls wanted to bring over a dessert for their friends. So, I was in charge of decorating those cupcakes.

After reading about a large icing tip on Heather, over at Pursuing More than Purls, I decided to ask the lady at the grocery store bakery where I could buy a large icing tip. She directed me to a really neat cake store in the next town. I found a large star tip there and I was excited to try it out. So, I did.

The final product - and the best looking cupcake of the entire lot! I've never decorated cupcakes like this before and it was super easy. The only thing is, this technique uses A LOT of icing. Lots and lots! But, oh so yummy!


  1. BITE!

    That last cupcake is so beautiful I had to try it (even though it was so pretty I didn't want to). :)

  2. Cupcakes are so fun! And they look yummy too! And I gotta have that star tip ... which one is it? Where can I get one? I was at our local cake shop last weekend, but they didn't have a star tip like that! You gotta help me out :)

  3. p.s. they are beautiful by the way ... and they do use lots of icing, but who cares, right?

  4. How PRETTY is that cupcake. I recently purchased a cupcake-tree as I would loooove to decorate some and present them next time we have guests. However, I have NO idea how to make icing - could you share your recipe with me, please. And I hope there is nothing in there that I can't buy here.

  5. I NEED that tip. This is really what I wanted to do with the girls' birthday cupcakes, but couldn't find a tip large enough. What brand is it?


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