18 April, 2014

Um, yep...

....it's been a whole month since my last blog post.  It's not as if I haven't thought about blogging... I just haven't carved out the time to do so.

Lot's of stuff happening around here and as usual, the end of school has us swamped with track, school field trips, all things soccer related - games, practices, etc., and end of school projects, reports and events, etc.  Fun, fun!

Throw into the mix a few photography sessions and you have the makin's of one busy mama.

But, probably the biggest news (for me, anyway) is that Randy surprised me with a new vehicle about three weeks ago!

The girls and I pulled up to the house and I hit the automatic garage door opener and there sat my dream car!  A brand new Toyota 4-Runner 4x4 Trail version.  It's black with black interior and super cool!

We've talked about getting a new vehicle, but I had it in my mind that we would wait for another year or so.  But, Randy had other ideas.  He already knew exactly what I wanted, so he just went and got it for me.  Pretty cool man I've got there, don't ya think?

The girls are out of school (Friday & Monday) for Easter break and I could not be more excited!  We needed a break in a bad way.  I think today we'll stop by Sonic, get a big drink and head to the park for some much needed down time.   

13 March, 2014

A rant, if you will...

So, y'all, I don't offer up many rants on my blog, but I've had two very particularly annoying things happen to me THIS week alone, that requires some venting on my part.

First rant:

At the check out counter at Kohl's (which is a store that I loathe, but was buying Elisan's must-have dress of the season) when I was asked by the employee if I wanted to "Put this on my Kohl's charge?"

I replied, "No thanks.  Visa will be fine."  To which she replied... "Do you have a Kohl's charge account with us?  If not, then you can apply to today and get up to 30% off today's purchase!"

I replied, "No thanks. We're a one credit card kind of family."

She she asked me, "Are you a Kohl's reward points member?  If you sign up today with your email, you will get bonus points that can be applied to your next purchase."

Me, "Um, no.  I am already signed up to receive your emails."

By now, she was getting very irritated with me and says, "No, this is different.  It's a points system that rewards you for purchases.  We signed up more than 20 thousand people at this store alone!  Our store was part of a pilot program and because of the success our store had, Kohl's decided to offer the rewards program nationwide!"

And I declined.  Again.  To her dissatisfaction.

Really, I just wanted to make my purchase... exchange pleasantries and get outta there.  But, by the time I was done checking out, I was so irritated with HER, that I walked out mad vowing to NEVER shop at Kohl's again.

I realize it's their job and they probably get a bonus for each sign up (whether credit card or rewards program) but after a certain point, I would also think that the sales lady would sense my frustrations and knock it off.

Second rant:

Once my van hit 100K miles, I stopped getting it serviced at the Honda dealership for oil changes.  It was just too much of a hassle for me.  So, over the last couple of years, I've been content to bring it into the quickie lube places (where you aren't even required to leave your vehicle) for an oil change.  But, today, I decided to bring it to Midas because I had a coupon AND they threw in a tire rotation with the oil change for free and I definitely needed the tire rotation.

I'm sitting there minding my own business when the gal sitting next to me was called into the garage to check out something on her vehicle.  When she returned, she phoned her husband and told him that the service tech recommended xxx-amount of service on her car, etc. etc.  She then told the service tech that her husband would take a look at the car and told the service guy to just change the oil.  I chuckled and said to her, "That always happens to me too."  And she said, "They think just because we're women, that they can con us out of a bunch of money for services we don't need."

Well, no less than 5 minutes, the same service tech was calling me to the garage to take a look at my van.  I politely told him that my husband was capable of making any repairs to the vehicle, but that I appreciated him pointing it out.

When I walked back into the waiting area, that gal and I burst out laughing.  At least they are consistent.

And, by the way... my van has 140K+ miles on it.  EVERYTHING needs to be flushed, cleaned and replaced!

11 March, 2014

It's SPRING Break!

So, the girls are at soccer camp this week. All week.  All day.  And they are having a blast so far.  This is their third year to attend this Spring Break camp and it has been all Elisan could talk about for the last week of school.

I think they needed a break. Having multiple ice days and late starts at school was no consolation to their need for a break.  However, I'm a little bummed that Easter is so late this year...  That means our next break is still a long way aways.

Over the weekend, I brought the girls out to buy a dress.  Randy's brother is getting married in early May and I wanted to get them a dress as soon as the new Spring dresses hit the stores.  So, Kyla is basically a stick with legs up to her neck so finding a dress that fit her in all manners of speaking - length and bodice was no easy feat.  In fact, when we found a dress that fit her in the bodice, I pretty much decided that we were done with her.  And truth be told, it's a cute little dress and she will be beautiful in it.  That is, if she can keep her shins and knees from getting banged up between now and the wedding.

Elisan was a bit more picky about her dress.  The first problem is that she is 12 and in 7th grade and doesn't want to shop in the girls' section any more.  She wants to shop in the juniors section.  Unfortunately, she's just a wee bit small to fit into most of the jrs. clothes.  Thankfully, after trying on... oh, I don't know 20 dresses, she found the dress she wanted.  (A word to the wise... take pictures of them in every dress they try on so they can remember what they loved and didn't love about each one!  That's my TIP of the day!)

The picture doesn't do this dresses justice but I did want to show you what we ended up with!

Elisan wants to wear a long turquoise pendant with this bright coral dress and her cowboy boots.  Hmmmm, I'm okay with the pendant, but the boots?  At least not for the wedding.

In case you're wondering... and I know you are... YES, I'm still counting calories and I'm still working out like a crazy woman.  And, YAY ME, I'm really beginning to notice changes in my arms, shoulders, butt and legs.  FINALLY.  This 40-something business is cramping my workout time-line. I was hoping for these results in February... NOT March.  But, it's all good.  I'm just glad my body is still capable to lift weights and run.  40-something isn't all that bad.

In honor of Spring Break, I've begun advertising for my SPRING MINI-SESSIONS!  I'm so excited about offering these mini-sessions!

If you want to book a spot, mention that you saw it on my Haphazard Happenstances blog and I'll take $10.00 off the session... making it only $65.00!  For more specific details, click on over to my photography website.

I'm off to my craft room to sew my little heart out.  I'm working on some super cute bunting to use in my spring photography sessions.  I'll be sure to post pictures of it when it's complete!

Happy Spring Break, y'all!

17 February, 2014

Another Win!

Elisan's team won 1st place in a tournament over the weekend.  They played an older age bracket... and stomped the competition.  Fun weekend for them.

Force 03G
 Grace, Nayeli, Aria, Katelyn, Jewells, Elisan, Haley,
Addie, Hannah, MacKenzie, Elizabeth, Erin,
Carlyn and Aislynn

Elisan being congratulated by her coach for a great save!

08 February, 2014

Highlight Reel

Yeah, yeah... I realize it's been nearly three weeks since my last update.  So, here's the highlight reel...

1.) Randy finally shaved his beard and cut his hair.  Man... that was a long time coming.  He looks so much more handsome without all of that hair covering his face.  And, several people confirmed that he looked better beardless and that he looked younger without it!  Hallelujah!

2.) Basketball season is coming to a close.  Elisan's team is undefeated.  There are 5 very phenomenal 8th grade basketball girls on the team and they have led the team to victory after victory.  Of course, Elisan and her fellow 7th graders get plenty of playing time and they are having a lot of fun.  The 8th grade girls are great role models for the younger girls and I'm so glad that Elisan decided to play basketball again this year.

3.) I mentioned that Elisan had her science fair last month.  She placed 6th out of 35 kids.  Not bad!    Her project was comparing the national brand laundry detergent (TIDE) vs. store brand (HEB) vs. homemade detergent (Borax, Washing Powder and Castille soap) on various stains.  The national brand was the clear winner, while the HEB brand and homemade version results were equal. Interesting stuff!

4.) We all ran our very first 5K race on February 1st in Georgetown.  It's called the Cupid's Chase.  We all ran such different times that we ended up running solo by the end of the race.  I'm so proud of Kyla and Elisan for their hard work!  They did amazing and I think they may have caught the 5K racing bug.

Our results were:
Kyla finished 1st place (out of boys and girls) in her age group 1-10 yrs; Time - 24:51
Elisan finished 2nd place in her age group 11-14 yrs; Time - 27:15
Erica finished 4th place in her age group 40-44 yrs; Time - 28:40
Randy finished 7th in his age group 40-44 yrs; Time - 25:17

5.) I've really been hitting the gym hard lately.  And, I'm still tracking my food and calorie intake.  My weight lifting as really come along and I'm amazed at home my body has "muscle memory" as I'm doing these weight lifting exercises I haven't done in over 18 months.  I've noticed my definition coming back in my arms and legs and it's a nice surprise.

6.) Randy and I just finished booking all of our travel stops for our summer vacation "ROAD TRIP 2014 - CALIFORNIA HERE WE COME!"  We are traveling to Yosemite National Park and making stops along the way to Death Valley National Park, Las Vegas, Sequoia National Park & Kings Canyon, Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park.  We'll be making pit stops in Flagstaff and Albuquerque as well.  The driving will definitely be more grueling this time around, with two very long days on the road, but it's all worth it!

I'm so glad that Randy and I decided to do the National Park tours with the girls. This will be our third summer trip in a row to do this kind of trip. They are old enough to remember it, yet young enough to still enjoy it... if that makes sense!  Last thing I want is a teenager in the back seat making the trip miserable for the entire family... and lucky us, Elisan won't be a teenager until after this trip!

And that's about all for now.

17 January, 2014

Brain Dump (1st ed. 2014)

Y'all, if I had not experienced the relief myself, I wouldn't be a believer.  Because how on earth does a strip of stretchy kinesiology tape (or KT tape) make your muscles feel better?

But, one day Randy brought home a roll of KT tape to use for his plantar's fasciitis (which I also suffer from) and he swore it worked.  So, I tried it out too and it does!  I have been able to run pain free since I began using it.

So, the science fair is today and I'm sad to say that Elisan did not require any help from her mama.  What?  Last year, we worked side-by-side for many hours making sure her project board was interesting and balanced and visually appealing.  But, this year, she refused to let me help or offer my opinion.  That stinks!  I mean, that's great.  I'm glad she's taking initiative.  

Speaking of Elisan... she placed 2nd in area-wide competition for "reasoning" in Math Oympics.  She goes on to regionals next month.  (Last year, she took first place in the regional competition, so she's hoping she can hold on to her title!)

Kyla has become a rainbow loom bracelet making expert.  All weekend long she watched rainbow loom tutorials online and practiced step-by-step with the instructor on making new and fascinating bracelets.  She can now whip out an intricately detailed bracelet in no time. 

Randy told me he'd consider cutting his beard and hair on the first day of Spring.  Y'all, that's 2 months away.  What?!  I'm not sure what's gotten into him, but I'll have to post an updated picture of his bear and hair soon.  He doesn't even look like himself anymore.  It's a little disturbing.

You may have noticed my "budding photographer" button on my blog.  Well, that's because I have decided to offer my photographer services for hire.  This is a huge baby step for me, but I feel good about it.  My rates are really low right now... I already had a friend chastise me about it (hah), but I set the rates low enough so that as I hone my skill/talent, I will have room to raise my rates when the time comes.  I'm excited to see where this road takes me.  In the meantime, check out my website here.

Oh, and an update to my last post about Elisan running track this season.  Well, as it turns out, a little (positive) peer pressure has made her decide to run track this year after all.  There will of course, be soccer conflicts, and soccer is the priority right now since she is the goalie, but I think track is such a fun sport, I'm glad she signed up!

And finally, a bit about what I've been doing at the gym these days... Jumping Rope!  Love it!  I've always been good at jumping rope.  Must of been all of those "Jump Rope for Heart" fundraisers we did every year in elementary school  (Thanks Coach Hammerly).  But, nonetheless, I've really enjoyed adding another layer of cardio to my workouts.  Jumping rope is a full body workout and it takes a lot of endurance.  So what I do is jump rope for one minute and rest for one minute.  I do this for 10-15 minutes.  By the time I'm done, I'm done... literally.

15 January, 2014

Cupid's Chase 5K

All four of us are signed up for the annual Cupid's Chase 5K on February 1st.

Last time I signed up for this race back in 2011, it was canceled due to frozen conditions.  Let's hope that doesn't happen this time around.

I hope this race will spark an interest in the girls to compete in 5K's more often.  I think they will both do well.

On a different note, Elisan broke the news to me the other day that she doesn't want to sign up for Track and Field this year.  I'll have to admit... this mama's heart was broken, but I completely understand.  Middle school track takes a lot of hard work and dedication... and right now, her hard work and dedication goes to soccer.  It would be hard to excel at both.

14 January, 2014

A cuppa tea

Okay, so I'm counting calories and working out like a fiend, right?

And somewhere I read that if you consume warm liquids it takes longer to digest thereby giving your tummy the feeling that it is full.  So it's not a scientific explanation as to the why's and how's and heck, I don't know if it is even true...

But, I've begun drinking hot green tea in the evenings as my "snack" and it's really been a nice change of pace.  I have a variety of flavors and I add a packet of stevia (10 calories) to sweeten it up just a tad and it's perfect!

And since I'm having a cup of tea in the evenings, rather than a cup of ice cream... it's a win-win.

(Just of course, be aware that if you are drinking tea in the evenings, that it is of the DECAF variety.)

12 January, 2014

First Place!

Elisan's basketball team finished first place in a tournament over the weekend!

10 January, 2014

You've got to PUMP (insert clap) IT UP!

Okay, so I spent the day yesterday blogging about how I've been tracking my food, blah, blah, blah.  And how I need to get my rear in gear if I want to shed these loathsome 8-10lbs.

So, this morning, before heading off to drop the girls off at school, I grabbed a pre workout supplement packet that we got as a freebie from GNC and drank it before I hit the gym.


Y'all.  I cannot even begin to tell you what a difference it made in my workout.  Today, I ran 4 miles (45 minutes)  and cycled 20 minutes after that.

This is huge!

The day before, I couldn't crank out 2 miles without having to stop to suck wind, but today... 4 miles....no problemo.

So you're asking yourself, what is this magical potion?

Look, I'm not here to push this stuff on anyone.  I'm sure it's loaded with a bunch of crap stuff that is less than healthy.

But really.  It works.

If you are interested in trying it, I'd get a sample of it at your nearest GNC before putting down the cash for it.

Oh, and a bit of a disclaimer... I had the arctic ice flavor (as shown) and while it didn't taste bad, it was by no means GOOD.  Just fair warning.

09 January, 2014

It's all about Tracking

Well, I hate to admit it, but I'm back to tracking my food and exercise.  There's nothing that says accountability than black and white numbers on food log - calories, fat, carbs, protein, etc.

I would never characterize it as fun, but there is no doubt that it IS effective.

And so I track.

Why do I hate to admit it?  Well, because of the obvious, I suppose.  I've put on unwanted weight and I haven't been exercising as often as I should.

I've known for quite a while that I needed to get back into the groove of a healthy diet and exercise, but with the holidays... blah, blah, blah... you get the gist.

And, I can THINK about doing it all day long, but the ACTION has to come from within.

And so I track.  Everything.  Like that dark chocolate hershey's kiss I had after dinner last night... 19.8  calories.


I'm hoping once I get down to my "fighting weight" - about 8 lbs, I'll be able to maintain again.

08 January, 2014

Concertina Wire Anyone?

Okay, so this kinds tells off on my husband.  But, he can take it. I have no doubts about that.

Back in November, one Saturday night, Randy and I were sitting in the living room around 10:30 p.m. when all of a sudden we hear this noise coming from the backyard.  At first, we thought it was our neighbors messing around with the garbage can, but then suddenly the security lights kick on an there is a man who appeared at our BACK DOOR with this hand on the door knob trying to get in.

Randy jumped up and grabbed his .357 Magnum (yes, he keeps a weapon downstairs for such an occasion) and asked the man what he wanted.  Clearly, Randy had a gun, there was no question about that.  The man said he needed help and was still trying to use the door knob to get into the house!

Randy told the guy he'd help him, but that he was not coming into the house (while still holding his gun).  After about another 15 seconds of trying to reason with this guy about why he could not come into the house, he took off and jumped the wooden fence that encloses the front yard from the back yard and he was gone.

We called the police and they came out and determined that the man came from the back pasture behind our home.  The barbed wire fence was damaged and there were boot marks near the fence.

The back pasture?  Really?  There's no road anywhere near the back pasture.  In fact, it's downright secluded, except for the farmer who lives on the property.

What's weird is that the man was dressed nice and he wasn't carrying any weapons that we could tell. We figured he was drunk and/or high and somehow got mixed up (?) at to where he was?  Not sure...

What I am sure about is that Randy decided to go all commando and has outfitted the back pasture fence with 10 ft horse panel fencing.  He wanted to put concertina razor wire (still does, in fact) but I put my foot down on that one.  I'm sure our HOA would not look too favorable upon that.  Heck, I'm pretty sure they would approve of the 10ft horse panel fencing.

Anyway, he's still looking into ways to fortify the wooden fence that surrounds the three sides of our home that would not draw attention to the HOA and that I will approve of.  His ideas of security and MY ideas of security are not the same.

Randy does say that the number one security measure that he has in place right now is the motion detector security lights at the back door and corners of the back yard.  That helped us to see that the man was unarmed and we were able to give a good description of what he looked like to the police.

07 January, 2014

Rebel Duckies

Over the weekend, both girls played in a 3v3 Live Tournament in South Austin. We sign the girls up for 3v3 tournaments about 4-5 times a year.  They are so much fun.

Elisan's team of girls haven't quite gelled yet, so they do "okay", finishing 4th or 5th place out of 8 teams usually.

Kyla's team, the Rebel Duckies, however are the reigning champs in their division for two consecutive tournaments.  They play in the under 10 age group.

Kyla's group of girls are such little firecrackers all in their own rights and it's been fun to watch them play together.  Kyla fits in perfectly with this group and loves playing with them. 

Here they are with their latest first place medal!

(Left to Right) Kyla, Jordan, Mallory, Natalie and Sabrina
The next tournament is at the end of January.  We'll see if they can hang on to their title.

06 January, 2014


What’s new for 2014?  Well, for me, it’s time to go back to the way things used to be.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you probably have noticed my lackluster 2013 blogging year.  Why?

Well, because my heart is not into it anymore.  It just isn’t.  Don’t get me wrong, I love blabbering on and on about my kids.  And, they love to read about themselves on my blog.  But, about 5 years ago, I transitioned my blog from a family journal of sorts to more of a “readership” blog… catering to the blog reader by offering recipes, freebies, printables, contests, craft ideas, etc.  It was no longer a place where I felt I could brag about my family without feeling “weird” or that I was going to offend someone.  And so, the downward spiral began and so did my love for blogging. 

I’ve thought long and hard about this… At first I thought I would just shut down “Haphazard Happenstances” but I couldn’t do that—not after 8 1/2 years.  Then, I thought I’d make it private, but then I’d be emailing the password out to MY people all of the time because for sure they would not remember it.  I thought about making a new blog – for just family… but that would be ridiculous considering that was the original intent of this blog… so I just decided to rewind.

So, what does this mean?

It means that I’m going back to the way things used to be.  I’m not going to write for the “reader” but for my family and me.  It will be filled with blog entries related to the to my children, my man, my dog and of course soccer.  There will be more pictures of my people too.  My prayer is that my love for writing will come back to me, as well.

Oh, I’m sure I’ll post a recipe that was totally fabulous from time to time or some other cool stuff/projects I’m working on…  but it will be with the intention to share about my life… not share with the blog and Pinterest world.  Besides, the pay ain’t good enough anyway…  (hah!)

So, that’s it.  I quit… sort’ve.

Happy 2014!

04 January, 2014

Winter Vacation

So yeah… skiing.

My mom and dad’s neighbor has a fabulous condo in Winter Park and she quite literally begged my mom and dad to use it for a week of skiing.  So, last year, my parents set up a family ski trip after Christmas for all of us… my folks, my brother and his family and our family.

Doing a little bit of souvenir shopping in town.

They all flew, but being the road trip warriors that we are, we drove the 18 hour drive to Winter Park, Colorado.  Of course, we didn’t drive the entire 18 hours…. We stopped in New Mexico the first night then made it to Winter Park just in time to get fitted for and pick up our skis for the next day’s adventure.

The condo was beautiful.  The woman who owns it is a late-in-life-heiress, so she spent some of her inheritance in style and spared no expense.  It truly was a blessing to be able to stay in such a beautiful home and area… for FREE!

My mom had a huge meal prepared for everyone and it was so nice to be there with my entire Sullivan family – Mom & Pop, Tim, Christi, Brandon & Brady and of course, the Wagner family – all 10 of us.  That night we ate (and ate), watched football and went to bed at a reasonable hour to prepare us for our first big day on the slopes!

To give you an idea of how our first day went…. Randy is a skier.  The girls and I have never skied.  However, Randy felt we all had just enough athleticism to skip the SKI SCHOOL instructions.  I have to admit… after seeing and hearing the ski school instructors teaching the little kids, I’m glad we didn’t waste a whole day there.

Getting ready for our first day on the slopes!

Brady, Tim, Erica, Kyla Randy and Pop getting ready to head out!

BUT, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have our first day woes.  After about 3 trips down the bunny slope, Randy declared we were ready for bigger and better.  Truth be told, I think he was ready to move on from the piles and piles of little kids on the bunny.

So, we hopped onto the lift and made our way up to the first stop.  Kyla and Randy unintentionally split off from Elisan and me, so Elisan and I were left on our own to make it down the mountain.  Of about 4-5 green trails to choose from, we unwittedly chose the hardest one.  We ended up flying down the mountain with no means to stop ourselves…other than just willing ourselves to fall.  And that’s what we did.  Both of us.  Once we made it down to a more gentle sloping area, we were able to get our butts off that mountain.  We were certainly NOT ready for bigger and better.  Same was true for Kyla.  While she was with Randy, it was reported that she fell, threw her skis and pitched a royal fit, complete with tears.  It was a good day for all.

We cordially dismissed Randy and the remainder of the day was spent going up and down the bunny slopes.  We called it a day around 2 p.m. and hung out at the condo until that evening.

That evening, we met the remaining skiers at the resort for tubing.  We booked an hour of tubing and goodness gracious… at 5 p.m. it was dark and COLD… Like 18 degrees cold.  I was only able to tube 3 times before I had to get inside and warm my feet.  After I was sufficiently thawed, I was able to go down three more times before our hour was up. 

Meems and Kyla getting ready for tubing.

Ready for tubing!

Warming my frozen toes by the fire!

The end of the first day, I was wiped out.  My knees hurt, my legs hurt and my back hurt.  We all slept like babes!

The second day of skiing was a bit more promising.  Since the girls and I “mastered” the bunny slope, we felt a bit more confident in our abilities.  Plus, when we looked at the ski map, it actually made sense and we knew what we were looking at.  So, we picked out the absolute easiest green trail and we did that all day.  It was fun and the girls and I finally got the hang of it.  I honestly believe that none of us had any real big tumbles either--just a small fall here and there.  About 3 p.m., the girls and I called it a day and we left Randy on the mountain so he could get some “real skiing” done. 

A day on the slopes with my girl!

The third day, Randy declared us “ready” for the bigger and better green trails again.  So, up and up we went a lot higher to the base of another green trail.  Only this trail was about 3 times longer than the one we did all day Monday.  In fact, this trail had a pretty significant and steep drop before you actually got to the “green” section – at least in my opinion.  The girls made it okay down the drop… a little faster than what I wanted them to go.  And as for me?  I skied down a bit, spun around out of control and landed feet first, face down in the snow.  And when I tried to get up, I couldn’t without slipping.  And then I had a FULL ON PANIC ATTACK.  Like crying and hyperventilating all at once.  Not pretty.  And in fact, not good in higher altitudes, either. The not being able to breathe thing was scary.  So scary in fact, that Randy had to climb back up the slope to come a get me.  Um, yeah, good times.

The last day of skiing!

Playing in the snow after a long hard day of skiing.

Once I made it down that forsaken mountain, I vowed that my skiing was over.  However, after a little lunch and some much needed rest, I decided to stay with it for another couple of hours.  I knew the girls would feel obligated to return to the cabin with me so I kept on skiing with them.

We skied the easiest slopes several times again and then Kyla and I called it a day.  Elisan ventured up one more time with dad and then the girls and I headed back to the cabin. 

We were so fortunate to have my dad dropping us off and picking us up at the ski resort each day.  That definitely made a huge impact on our day.

That night, we packed up as much as we could and then the family watched the Johnny Manziel’s last college football game of his career. 

The next morning, we woke up to 8 inches of snow on the ground.  We were heading out that morning and I’ll have to admit, it was a little unnerving driving DOWN a mountain when you could hardly see the road for the falling snow (and snow already covering the roads.)  It was down-right treacherous!  But we made it out without incident.  Thank the Lord!

Our drive off the mountain.  Scary, huh?

After two days on the road, we were home and glad to be there!  It was a great trip and I’m glad we were able to go.  However, the amount of laundry I had to do “almost” makes it NOT worthwhile… oh, I jest…. Kinda…

As far as skiing is concerned… I’m just glad I don’t have to think about it for a while.  It was NOT my favorite, that’s for sure.  But feeling blessed for a safe ski trip,  no broken bones and safe travels home.